Four Best Neighborhoods to Live in Easton

Four Best Neighborhoods to Live in Easton

Easton is a small town in Fairfield County, CT, known for its highly-rated schools and beautiful outdoor scenery. In this article, you’ll learn more about some of the best neighborhoods in Easton, CT. You’ll also get a better sense of why it’s so important to think critically about the quality of the neighborhood when you purchase a home.

What makes a neighborhood important?

There are several reasons why it’s important to choose the right neighborhood. You can’t move your home to a different location after you complete your purchase, and your neighborhood will impact your quality of life in a number of ways.

Local amenities

Many neighborhoods offer shared amenities that all homeowners can enjoy. Easton is a small town - with just under 3,000 homes and just a little over 7,000 residents.  The original town was predominantly farming. Therefore, locals enjoy their farms, fresh eggs, friendly neighbors, and the bucolic beauty of the rich land found in Easton.

Proximity to major roads

Living in Easton provides easy access to the active fun of Westport, CT and the convenience of Fairfield, CT where you can find the local Trader Joe’s and Whole Food Stores as well as adorable clothing stores and 5 star restaurants.  It also has easy access to Route 15 leading to New York City as well as nearby Westchester Airport.

School zone

If you have school-aged children, you’ll love Easton’s small town version.  With just one Elementary - Samuel Staples Elementary and one middle school - named after former Easton resident Hellen Keller, as well as the 10 star multiply awarded Joel Barlow High School which Easton shares with neighboring Redding, CT, the schools in Easton attract buyers near and far.

Best neighborhoods in Easton

Now that you know more about why choosing the right neighborhood is important, here are a few of the top neighborhoods in Easton, CT, where you might want to shop for homes. Because Easton is a small town, there aren’t many neighborhoods to choose from, but you’ll find a lot to love about each option below.

Lower Easton

Lower Easton enjoys convenience to Fairfield, 1 acre zoning, and a strong yet quiet neighborhood vibe. Many of the spacious homes are located in well-developed neighborhoods with mature trees and beautiful landscaping. Living in Lower Easton provides proximity to Route 15, Fairfield, and Westport centers.  Residents love Lower Easton because of the quiet and peaceful atmosphere. It’s a popular choice among young families and people who enjoy connecting with their neighbors with enough land to enjoy gardening and privacy.

Easton Center

Easton Center sits between Routes 59, 58 and 136 in the middle of town. Residents love the open green spaces and the privacy of most of the area’s home sites. They enjoy getting outside and taking long walks through the neighborhood’s tree-lined streets or visiting one of the many local farms where fresh vegetables, horses, trees, farms, and friendly agriculture abound.  They take pride in their local history and enjoy volunteering for important nearby causes.


The historic Aspetuck neighborhood is another affluent neighborhood in the Easton area. Homes in Aspetuck are around 92% more expensive than the statewide average throughout Connecticut. Most homes hold three to five bedrooms, and most properties in Aspetuck were built between 1940 and 1970. Demand in this area is high with its convenience to Westport and local country clubs.  Most Aspetuck residents maintain a sophisticated and upscale lifestyle with many contemporary and modern homes set back on 2+ acre parcels of land.

Enter the Easton real estate market

Another tip is to partner with a local real estate agent who has experience helping buyers shop for homes in these neighborhoods. Fredda Takacs is a specialist in the Easton marketplace.  Fredda brings over 25 years of real estate experience into each transaction. She stands out from the competition because of her honesty and dedication to serving her clients to the best of her abilities. Reach out to Fredda if you have additional questions about neighborhoods in Easton, CT, or if there’s anything that she or her team, award winning The Fredda Team, can help you with as you shop for homes in this desirable community.

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